New tune "Knock It Down" now out. It's the second single for 2022 and the fifth since the Savoury-Toothed Tiger album of 2020. 

It's a brand-new, old-style pop tune, and it's about getting rid of the barriers between us. You put them up and I'll tear them down with music and noise.

Marveline is the indie pop/rock solo work of Pete Marley – a stalwart of the Sydney music scene and go-to bass player for a number of seminal local acts including The Nature Strip and Fallon Cush. 

Music blog Backseat Mafia said of 2020’s album: “Marley’s writing style and vocals could be described as a whimsical mix of XTC, The Beatles and Syd Barret. All with a dash of theatre and laconic Australian humour. And yet despite the sparkle, there is an identifiable rougher edge with a touch of grit.” 

“‘Turpentine’ is a stand out track – there are elements of fellow Australian bands You Am I or Died Pretty with its garage rock rumble of guitars. Marley has an ear for melody – anthemic and cinematic choruses that stick like super glue.”

Marveline shooting "Turpentine"

Jack, Matt, Pete and Tony on the set of the clip shoot for Turpentine Aug 2020.