From the recording Savoury-Toothed Tiger


Mother Nature spare her I can’t live without her
She only went out for a smoke, said I may be some time
I kept the water boiling
If anything should happen I’m coming after you

Oh crucified I’m crucified. Strange pains in my side
I don’t sleep enough to get to the good parts
You see the cracks I’m falling through
Practised all our lying, practised til we’re blue
Why don’t you climb in, we’ll take her for another spin

So green the grass (you better come here now)
That meets my feet (you better come here now)
So bright the sun shines on these

Father Time don’t chase her I need a little more please Sir,
The snow is falling faster, the tiles are turning black
I know I can find a way to turn the future back

So sweet the path that takes me there
I meet the dark with all that is fair