From the recording Savoury-Toothed Tiger

A journey through a lonely guitar-playing cowboy's head


There’s something sweet and something deep abut falling off the wagon
And there beneath my own two feet, the shadow that I’m always draggin’
The fox said “sweet, there will be meat, when the sun takes him”
The vulture smiled the flight worthwhile, but they’re both mistaken.

It’s dry for miles and miles, can’t see the way

Another perfect day

My mirage runs my life, it keeps my eyes in line
I see you hiding there, where hope meets the horizon
I sighed and gave it up, pride leaks away

Another perfect day

The killer bees fly at me, they sleep only to rob again
I offer them something sweet, and that keeps them in their place.
This heat is not my style, the wind has whispered for a while
I heard it say, ‘you know you have to pay

For a perfect day
For a perfect day